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2015 field trip of the Houston Geological Society to the Colorado River

"Let the Earth Talk to You"

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© 2016-2023 Angel Callejon

Yet2Find Success

Over 30 years of experience in the oil industry ensures quality results tailored to you specific needs.

Our professional network provides our clients access to the best practices and recognized experts in related geosciences for Oil Exploration and Production and for Geological Storage

Twenty eight years of experience in Petroleum Geochemistry, Basin Modeling and Chemostratigraphy are available to contribute with you success.

We are a Houston based Geosciences consultant company with worldwide reach

Yet2Find Mission

© 2016-2023 Angel Callejon

To supply geochemical enablers in petroleum exploration and production to reduce the exploratory risk and improve reservoir management and Geological Carbon Storage

Petroleum Systems Solutions

We provide multidisciplinary solutions to support exploration and production projects.

Our expertise covers conventional and unconventional plays and instrumental knowledge of Geological Carbon Storage and monitoring

We aim to improve your success and reduce your risks.

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