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© 2016-2018 Lorena Morales

Basin Modeling and Oil Generation 

Basin modeling convey all the geological elements and processes that happen over geological time in a sedimentary basin into a numerical model to reduce the exploratory risk by identifying areas with adequate thermal regime to generate, and to evaluate migration, entrapment, and preservation of oil.

Basin Modeling is a toolbox to be used all along the whole exploration process and we always suggest to initiate the Petroleum Systems evaluation early in that process.

We have extensive experience in the most popular Basin Modeling software packages available in the market that we can make available for your particular project or make use of your own license at your office.

© 2016-2018 Lorena Morales

© 2016-2018 Lorena Morales

Fluid Geochemistry for Exploration and Production Management


Geochemistry of fluids obtained during drilling, testing or production is the base for a adequate field development strategy.

Yet2Find is capable of providing our clients with the adequate support to establish an early sampling program oriented to hydrocarbon exploration field appraisal and development or to advise on solutions after the development phase started to optimize the hydrocarbon extraction

Our services include QA/QC and complete interpretation of mudgas logging while drilling and in integrates studies for conventional and unconventional plays

© 2016-2018 Lorena Morales

© 2016-2017 Lorena Morales

Chemostratigraphy for Unconventional Plays

The study of geochemical variations in a stratigraphic context allows a better identification of the targeted stratigraphic interval(s), but also the assessment of which source rocks have the potential to be either a conventional source rock or an unconventional reservoir retaining the expulsion of hydrocarbons.


Yet2Find is forming an alliance with Dr. Henry Briceño to support all projects related to chemostratigraphy in petroleum systems.


You can view Dr. Briceño's Bio at

and some of his work in chemostratigraphy at



We have several years of teaching and training experience mostly related to geochemistry and basin modeling for prospect and play evaluation.


Our expertise includes eight accumulated years in academia and over ten years of lecturing at Dr. Adry Bissada's Quantitative Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration Analysis for Play Evaluation and Prospect Ranking at the University of Houston.   This is a hands-on workshop involving a simulation of an exploration license bid-round where participants learn how to evaluate an exploration opportunity on the basis of statistical probabilities of hydrocarbon charge, reservoir, trap and seal. (

Our network of technical expertise allows us to seek and find any other technical training and tailor it to your needs.

Images courtesy of Lorena Morales © 2016-2018

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