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Sweetspot Identification in Unconventional Reservoirs

In unconventional plays, sweet spot characterization is essential to reduce uncertainty, high-grading acreage, and improve economic evaluation. 

The description of an unconventional sweet-spot has been compared with the The parable of the blind men and an elephant ( depending on what technology is used to described it.

Although there are many pathways to reach unconventional reservoir assessment and sweet-spot identification, there are three basic data requirements:

1. Hydrocarbon saturation and basic properties of the reservoir

2. Thermal maturity and organic content

3. Depositional environment and mineralogy

Integrating and visualizing data from a comprehensive set of sources and using petroleum systems modeling further reduces risk and increases confidence.

Unconventional Sweet Spot Workflow
Chemostratigraphy of the Source Rock

The chemical composition of the rocks is derived from the sediments provenance, environment of deposition and diagenesis those sediments suffer during the burial process.

The sequential study of the changes of the chemical composition of the rocks constitute the chemostratigraphy.

Rocks with similar a accumulation rate of a chemical compound defines a chemofacies. By studying the sequence of chemofacies in a stratigraphic column it is possible to infer changes in redox environments, provenance or diagenesis.

In the study of unconventional petroleum play chemostratigraphy plays and important role when the chemofacies are related to hydrocarbon produciblility. 

Yet2Find, llc is interested in developing chemofacies patters for the main unconventional plays and tie the best producing intervals with specific chemofacies in order to be able to predict the extension of the play and improve geosteering while drilling

Below is an interpretation of some chemostratigraphic data from a Cretaceous Source Rock in Northern South America. Changes in the slope of the Chemical Accumulation Rate indicates changes in chemical facies.

Unconventional Resources of the Burgos Basin, Mexico

We are interested in developing a geological / geochemical model for the unconventional plays in the Burgos Basin

Shale PVT Estimation Based on Readily Available Field Data

Following our publication in 2014; Shale PVT Estimation Based on Readily Available Field Data ( Yet2Find is continuously capturing field data to expand the acquired knowledge of the particular fluid behavior of hydrocarbons inside their source rock in order to predict fluid quality at the drill-bit.

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